About Impel Dynamic

Our Background

Impel Dynamic is all about initiating change.  

Working with organisations to help them become more effective and increase their
competitive advantage, the consultants at Impel Dynamic have over twenty years of
training and consultancy experience. 

Our expertise spans a variety of companies, from large blue-chip conglomerates to SMEs, both here in Europe and further afield to Australia, North America and the Middle East.  

Impel Dynamic gives you the tools to
secure new business
cultivate and keep high-value clients
recruit, train and retain talented staff

We deliver expert Sales, Leadership & Management and Business Development
training, consultancy and coaching programmes to help businesses grow their value of their existing clients and maintain their competitive advantage. 

In a world where results need to be delivered yesterday,
Impel Dynamic is committed to accelerating results with actionable and relevant change.

We help corporations:

Win the business they want

Lead and manage their people effectively

Retain and develop their most important Clients

Why Impel Dynamic


Companies seeking the services of Impel Dynamic have already made an important step in their journey to minimise loss, expand and maximise profit; they know they need to change.  

At Impel Dynamic, by showing people the steps needed to initiate change, we impel them to instigate the shifts in behaviour and culture that are needed to reach these objectives.

Our People

Every member of the Impel Dynamic team is hand-picked, holding extensive experience in high-level sales and management roles. With proven track records in our fields, we are great believers in practising what we preach.  

Our expert team of specialist consultants and trainers not only work exclusively within our industry specialities, but also remain involved in day-to-day business development activities to ensure that our training approaches are current and relevant to you.

 Our continued passion to stay abreast of trends and news ensures delivery is tailored not only to your needs, but is also mindful of market changes and future opportunities. We expose you to best practice and help you to identify next practice, along with providing valuable insight to maintain your competitive advantage.

Why Should You Use Impel Dynamic


Each client has a dedicated consultant to ensure

  • a trusted partnership is formed
  • the style of their projects or programmes arespecifically customised to your company, culture and industry

This enables us to provide;

  • material that is recent and relevant
  • an executable and tailored action plan
  • a desired return-on-investment
"Our methodology is a proven approach to impel lasting change and growth"
“If you are not willing to learn, no one can teach you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”
"Impel Dynamic cannot emphasise the importance of following up. It is that phase that garners positive results"
“Exciting, enjoyable, active workshops that inspire change and personal growth”

Our Values

Knowing that you need change is only the first step.

Impel Dynamic helps you work out where you need to see that change
and the best approach to take to see results.

We pride ourselves on living our values:

  • The Value Is In Execution

    Talk is cheap and ideas are ten-a-penny. The value of any learning lies in the execution of that which has been learnt. Being an implementation consultancy, Impel Dynamic not only delivers tailored programmes or projects, based on your objectives and our expert insight, but helps create measurable action plans and follows up to ensure they have been successfully implemented.

  • Sincerity & Integrity

    Over the years, our consultants have received high praise for their diligent delivery and authentic engagement of clients. Impel Dynamic offers consistent, first-class programmes. We encourage constructive criticism—we’re not too proud to think we can’t do better.

    We structure our programmes to ensure you can see tangible results at each phase of the process.  Since the integrity of our reputation carries us into the next phase of our own growth, we are sincere in our passion to collaborate with you and impel the change you wish to see.

  • Reliable results and ROI

    “I want a box-ticking consultancy, with ‘chalk’n’talk’ tutorials, poorly organised learning materials and no interest in what happens after their sessions,” said no business owner. Ever.

    Recommendations and return-on-investment statistics are demonstrative of our commitment to results. Our high-calibre clients have become long-standing marketeers for our services.

    Is it time you initiated change with Impel Dynamic?

Some of our stats and facts

99% of our clients say they would recommend us

92% say they received a significant return on their investment

+88% of our clients say we exceeded expectations

95% of managers see a positive change in behaviour

99% of our clients say they would use us again

97% say our programmes are extremely practical