Our Approach

We don’t believe in glacial rates of change, nor do we believe in being rash.

Methodical, well-structured, deeply considered changes
with specifically anticipated objectives is how we like to work.

Once those decisions have been made, there is no time for procrastination.

It’s time to impel change.

Helping organisations to win new business, grow their talent pool and retain valuable
clients, Impel Dynamic has a particular methodology.

It’s taken decades to perfect and offers proven results.

Prepare. Deliver. Follow-Up.

  • Training

    • Workshops
    • Bespoke Learning & Development
    • Webiners
    • On-line
    • Breakfast Learning Sessions
    • Lunch Learning Sessions
  • Consultancy

    • Assessments
    • Leadership Assessment
    • Customer Audits
    • Mystery Shopping
    • Systems, Strategies and Procedures
    • Focus Meetings
    • Observation
  • Coaching

    • Workshops
    • One-to-Ones (Coaching Clinic)
    • LIVE Joint Visits and Observations
    • Review Sessions
    • Simulations
    • Conference calls
    • Practical Challenges and Assessments
    • Mentoring

What makes us different?

Impel Dynamic believes in delivering results with first-class training, consultancy and coaching.

The most common feedback that we get from our clients is that our programmes are incredibly practical, thus allowing them to implement changes presently. Not surprisingly, 80% of our clients come to us through recommendation.

We don’t use separate teams to ‘account manage’ you. There is no middleman. The consultant is your trusted partner and delivers the service themselves.

Walking you through each phase of the programme using live clients and putting emphasis on the follow-up, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

All of our consultants earned their stripes the hard way, having gained their knowledge through walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Our specialist teams know your industry and deliver amazing content, providing a wealth of market intelligence and analysis with which to tailor your programme to meet your objectives.


Blended Learning Example



Participant Involvement - Bespoke Programme Design

Management Input

Joining instructions, Preparation Materials and/or Pre-learning Activities

Individual Questionnaires Programme Tailoring

Training Workshop

Management Update/ Debrief Session

Creation of Individual Implementation Plans

Conference Call

Tailored Reading Material

Management Coaching and Prep/ Essential Reading

1-2-1 Coaching & Implementation Sessions

Management Input

Simulation & Assessment of Relevant Case Studies

Update/ Debrief Session

Individual Feedback, Practical Advice and Additional Objective Setting

Management Update/ Debrief Session

Training Workshop

On-Line Training NEW*

Management Challenge

Coaching Clinics

Live ‘On The Job’ Buddying

Breakfast Challenges & Learning Sessions

Project Completion & Debrief

Tailored Learning Material

Training Workshop

Project Completion & Debrief

Our Methodology

Impel Dynamic works to tailor both bespoke and open courses.

Bespoke in-house training programmes are created and refined exclusively to your company, its culture, the industry and anticipated trends of that vertical.

This “Prepare, Deliver, Follow-up” methodology is a proven approach to ensure the best return-on-investment for our clients.


In this phase, we have two main steps:

1) Review

Through interviews, group sessions and/or shadowing, we see you and your organisation at work. We study your processes, immerse ourselves in your language and really get to the core of where you are and where you want to be.

This heavy research ensues everyone is on the same page when we begin a project.

2) Objective Consensus

We want absolute buy-in. For the success of the project or programme, it is imperative we agree on the key goals and outcomes.

3) Customisation

Using a combination of our expertise and market intelligence, our research and your guidance, we create a customised programme, tailored specifically to the needs uncovered.


4) Coaching and Application

We then execute on the training, development or learning plan in focused way so each delegate is engaging with a fresh perspective, relevant to their role

5) Evaluation

We help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses to uncover potential fail junctures and anticipate the steps needed to overcome any obstacles or challenges.

6) Action Plan Creation

Together, we created an executable action plan so they can leave with clear actions.


Arguably the most important phase of all, we are committed to following up and supporting you beyond delivery.

7) Follow-up

By providing a set of measurables, we can easily see what has worked. Through simulations, field support and review, we can adapt and offer more refinement through blended learning methods to ensure further behavioural changes are embedded in the organisation and desired outcomes are achieved.

8) Debrief

We provide a round table discussion post-delivery and implementation.


Some of our stats and facts

99% of our clients say they would recommend us

92% of our clients say they received a significant return on their investment

88% of our clients say we exceeded expectations

95% of managers see a positive change in behaviour

99% of our clients say they would use us again

97% say our programmes are extremely practical