Advanced Sales Course

Advanced Sales Course- F2F

Impel Dynamic’s Open Advanced Sales Training Course has been refining the existing competencies of experienced sales people, helping individuals or teams sell complex products or services to top-tier, board-level key decision makers. 

Our Advanced Face-to-Face Sales Course coversconsultativeand value selling.

Impel Dynamic looks at all familiar elements of the sales process including planning,
proposing and presenting and closing and puts them into play for the C-Suite audience.
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We offer a range of two-day Open Face-to-Face Advanced Sales Courses,
for individuals or groups, in major cities across the UK
including London, Manchester and Birmingham.


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Advanced Sales Course

Who's the training for?

  • This will benefit anyone who feels that they understand the fundamentals of sales and want to take their skill sets to another level.
Advanced Sales Course

Prior Training

Pre Training Review

Ahead of your Advanced Sales Training Course with Impel Dynamic, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete.

Our pre-training review questionnaire enables our experts to customise the course content. By esuring every delegate contributes to the course preparation, we can maximise the learning opptunity and enable each delegate to walk away feeling the time spent was worthwhile.

We like delegates to bring targets, activity plans, materials they use with their clients and a list of their most frequent objections. Let’s personalise this.

Advanced Sales Course

Content of Training

  • Manage prospects and clients more effectively
  • Build a highly effective 12-month sales strategy
  • Techniques to command attention from multiple decision makers and influencers
  • How to set appointments with decision makers and open new opportunities
  • Learn optimum ways to handle meetings with multiple decision makers to achieve positive outcomes for all
  • Lead with a consultative approach and sell on value
  • Develop proven techniques for insight-driven conversations to ensureimpact
  • StrengthenyourQuestioning and Listening techniques, to identify all sales
    opportunities and gain insight into advanced dialogue models
  • Understandthe psychology behind why and how people make decisions and sell on an emotional level
  • Harness the psychological aspects behind earning trust, respect and developing chemistry
  • Deliver powerful presentation that will engage contacts from the off
  • Identify personal weaknesses in communication and from that point, create strength
  • Standout from the competition, without having to stand up to them
  • Handle the most difficult objections and win round the client
  • Deal with price and negotiate the best outcomes
  • Nine different ways to close effectivelywithout appearing pushy


Review, summary, conclusions, action plans

Advanced Sales Course

Optional Post Training Review

There is an optional post-training review available to ensure maximum success.

Following the training, Impel Dynamic schedules a visit to your workplace (usually within 4-8 weeks of your course) to hold an in-depth post-implementation review, recorded
simulation and identify potential areas for further one-to-one coaching.

Speak to your consultant for more information.

Advanced Sales Course

Course Details & Times


2 Days 9:30am – 4:30pm


Smart Casual


Locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester


Lunch Will be provided.

Refreshments including teas and coffees will be supplied during breaks

Advanced Sales Course

Delegate Feedback

“just when you think you know it all…. This course has shown me how much I didn’t know and helps you look at sales from a different dimension”


“love the psychological elements behind this course…. A brilliant 2 days”


“love the practical elements…. They cut through the gabadygook and dive straight into reality”

Available days and locations:


Tuesday June 18 2019

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Friday October 18 2019

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Friday December 20 2019

+ Information about the day