Open Leadership & Management Course


Replicating individual success at a team level is a challenge for any leader.
Impel Dynamic’s Open Leadership & Management Training Course takes a practical, down-to-earth approach to create the Senior leaders of the future in the businesses of today.  

Our expert consultants refine existing competencies and add tools and techniques,
helping executives to lead a happier and more productive workforce.

Topics include an introduction to management styles, personal management, communication skills, managing and motivating teams
and dealing with challenging situations.
Impel Dynamic delegates leave feeling motivated to reach their maximum potential and enthusiastic to implement what they’ve learnt.


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Open Leadership & Management Course

Who’s The Training For?

Our Open Leadership & Management Training Courseis available for individuals or groups of people required to manage any number of individuals. Suitable roles are potentially:

  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Assistant managers
  • Managers
Open Leadership & Management Course

Prior to Training

How to prepare for your course:

Ahead of your Open Leadership & Management Training Course with Impel Dynamic, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete.

This pre-training review questionnaire enables our experts to customise the course content. By ensuring every manager contributes to the course preparation, we can maximise the learning opportunity and enable each manager to walk away feeling impelled to make behavioural changes.

We also like managers to bring any targets, activity plans and information on the personnel they are responsible for. Let’s personalise this.

Open Leadership & Management Course

Content of Training

Content of this training course


Personal Management


  • Prioritisation and organisational skills
  • Stress and time management
  • Identifying your drivers, leadership style, strengths and areas for improvement


Inspiring and Motivating


  • Holding effective group meetings
  • Motivating teams to outperform
  • Optimising different personalities and raising performance levels
  • Increasing effort and performance holistically


Modes of Management Communication


  • Understanding the difference between Leadership and Management
  • Adapting your Styles to gain the best outcomes
  • Mentoring Individuals Effectively
  • Being an assertive manager
  • Communicating effectively


Overcoming Leadership Challenges


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Management by Objectives
  • Difference between delegation and abdication
  • Change management
  • Co-worker and Inter-departmental Collaboration
  • Dealing with choices and problems
  • Effective vertical and lateral management


Leave with a definitive action plan to implement new skills and behaviours.

Open Leadership & Management Course

Course Details and Times

TIMES: 1 Day 9:30am – 5pm

DRESS: Smart Casual

LOCATION: Locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester

LUNCH & REFRESHMENTS: Lunch Will be provided. Refreshments including teas and coffees will be supplied during breaks

Open Leadership & Management Course

Optional Post Training Review

There is an optional post-training review available to ensure maximum success.

Following the training, Impel Dynamic schedules a visit to your workplace (usually within 4-8 weeks of your course) to hold an in-depth post-implementation review, recorded
simulation and identify potential areas for further one-to-one coaching.

Speak to your consultant for more information.

Available days and locations:


Friday June 15 2018

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