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    Bespoke Sales Programmes

    Build a sales team that gets results with cutting-edge programmes tailored to your selling environment.

    Your Sales Can Be Higher. Let Us Show You How.

    Sales excellence is not given. It is developed.

    Get a tailored sales programme that prepares your team for the future. Enhance vital areas, win more opportunities, maximise deal value, and take your company to the top.

    We meet you at your current knowledge level and take you to the top through 1-5-day tailored programmes, ongoing sales programmes, tailored sales training academy, or a 100% bespoke approach.

    Our clients have closed $100,000-1,000,000 in new deals since training with Impel Dynamic. Are you ready to join their ranks?

    Sales Programmes For The Future

    Get resources to overcome every challenge today,
    so you can exceed expectations tomorrow.
    • Prepare a powerful sales strategy
    • Increase your sales
    • Maximise your training ROI
    • Reach the right decision-makers
    • Make the most of every opportunity
    • Show your team how to be proactive & win
    • Create a smart sales structure & framework
    • Stand out from your competitors with a consultative approach
    • Monitor every step of the way with a clear improvement plan & KPIs

    Delivery Methods

    We meet you where you are: face-to-face or in the cloud.

    F2F sales
    programme delivery

    online training


    Training Methods

    Consulting & Coaching

    Get immediate help with critical challenges to win more business and improve your team’s efficiency.

    Bespoke Sales Programmes

    Close knowledge gaps and strengthen your sales team to become proactive, confident, and successful with an expert-driven sales programme.

    Training Academy & Sales Development Plans

    Maximise the ROI of your salesforce and continuously increase productivity with ongoing and long-term sales development programmes.

    Sales Programme Areas

    Opt for key areas or incorporate different levels into your customised sales curriculum.

    Face-to-Face Sales

    Sales fundamentals

    Strengthen your sales team’s closing skills with effective methods that transform your entire face-to-face sales process.

    Consultative selling

    Identify the client’s deepest challenges and master the art of matching them to the perfect solution with an effective E2E sales process.

    Advanced sales skills

    Take your sales to the next level! Use the psychology of selling to confidently capture high-level buyers and manage complex accounts.

    Negotiation skills

    Take control of negotiations with expert assertiveness training every step of the way and negotiate the best outcomes.

    Phone Sales

    Telesales training

    Significantly increase your telesales closes with expert-led programmes and effective inbound & outbound call techniques.

    Cold calling

    Become a master at winning trust! Structure your cold calls for optimal results and confidently sell your products & services.


    Get past the gatekeeper in the post-pandemic era. Book meaningful meetings with decision-makers and close bigger deals.

    Inbound calls

    Master cross-selling and upselling! Identify new opportunities and maximise your team’s conversion rate!

    Virtual Sales

    Virtual Selling

    Strategically switch between F2F and virtual sales, build trust, and deliver high-impact presentations that keep your prospects hanging on to your every word.

    Visual presentations

    Tell the right story virtually with tried & true methods for online presentations that demonstrate your credibility and engage prospects in the era of short attention spans.

    Hybrid selling

    Get the best out of your clients F2F, virtually, or via email & on the phone. Time the switch strategically and make the most of every channel in the hybrid era.

    Remote sales fundamentals

    Step into the future with proven remote selling frameworks & best practices. Impel Dynamic shows you everything you need to sell when video calls are short and prospects assertive.

    Other Specialist Areas

    Presentation skills & pitching

    Deliver powerful presentations that keep the audience talking about you even after you’ve left the room. Refine your delivery, style & content to deliver effective presentations.

    Sales strategy

    Accelerate your long-term results with intelligent sales strategies. Unlock new opportunities, gain clarity on the direction, and improve your closed-won ratio.

    Retail selling

    Provide a unique brand experience with Impel Dynamic’s expert training. Maximise up and cross-selling opportunities, and increase your AOV with proven methods.

    Exhibition selling

    Promote your products and services out on the floor! Equip your team with a robust exhibition selling process, generate leads, and maximise your ROI.

    Some of our stats and facts

    99% of our clients say they would recommend us

    92% say they received a significant return on their investment

    +88% of our clients say we exceeded expectations

    95% of managers see a positive change in behaviour

    99% of our clients say they would use us again

    97% say our programmes are extremely practical

    How are we helping other organisations?

    Multi-million-dollar deals

    Today we drive multi-million dollar deals out of our Inside Sales function that were largely discarded beforehand. From the first engagement with the team at Impel Dynamic, it was clear that they do things in a different way to vendors we had used before. They worked incredibly hard to truly understand our requirements, our market, our business and importantly our people before they went into delivery. The result is that Impel felt part of our business and shared our passion for success. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and come highly recommended.

    Work with real clarity

    We worked with the people at Impel Dynamic in looking at many facets of our business including setting the right culture, sales training, key account management, time management, leadership training. The list goes on.

    I can honestly say we benefited greatly from the team’s input. We incorporate the learnings into our business on a daily business.

    We now work with real clarity around where we are, where we are going and how we get there. An excellent return on investment.

    Successful programme with our Global Team

    Following a successful programme with our Global Team, we have been hugely impressed by the quality of service, approach and delivery.

    Their expertise and training techniques have exceeded expectations with a carefully tailored and specific programme, relevant to our needs, delivered across a complex team landscape both locally in the UK and with our international offices.

    Since using ID, we have noticed a number of significant and measurable improvements in many of our KPI’s.

    We now regard the Team at ID as trusted and valued business partners and have no hesitation in recommending them, their people and their services to others.

    The 3i Process

    With a staggering 92% ROI success rate, Impel Dynamic is your sales ROI partner.

    All our tailored sales programmes are delivered by experts who have successfully sold globally, in B2B & B2C environments.

    Stage 1.
    Interview & Tailored Business Development Programme Creation

    What’s blocking you from selling more? Our experts will assess your existing processes to identify your training needs.

    • One-on-one team interviews
    • Departmental observations
    • Focus group workshops

    Stage 2.
    Interactive Learning

    Your salesforce is a treasure trove of talent, skills and ideas. Impel Dynamic harnesses its full innovation potential to create a unique sales programme that engages different learning styles.

    • Interactive sales workshops
    • Individual coaching
    • Simulations & role play
    • Group problem solving & team building

    Stage 3.

    We ensure you’re getting the maximum ROI from your sales programme with clear action plans and KPIs.

    • Personalised and measurable action plans
    • Field support and recorded simulations
    • Blended learning

    We’re proud to be an implementation sales training provider. Impel Dynamic makes sure you see the impact from day one.


    What is sales training?
    Sales training increases your organisation’s revenue by equipping your sales team for the future in an ever-changing market. Impel Dynamic’s experts will show you best practices to keep up with client demands and break down models that successful salespeople use as a highly-teachable method.
    What is the purpose of sales training?
    Impel Dynamic is primarily here to increase your bottom line. Sales training gives your staff confidence to make the most of their interactions and use their own style to get the best results.
    What are the best sales training programs?
    The best sales training programs are practical and delivered by sales experts who practice what they preach. No jargon: the delegates with different learning styles should be able to relate to the training content instantly and clearly see how they can apply it to their everyday sales. Impel Dynamic’s sales programmes are often scored over 97% for practicality.
    What should be included in sales training?
    The best sales training includes workshops and personalised one-on-one help. It provides targeted assistance with key problem areas so that sales professionals quickly learn how to resolve their most pressing challenges.
    Who are your trainers?
    Our trainers are salespeople at the top of their game. They all have proven track records in different industries, in B2B & B2C sales, having generated millions of dollars in revenue. Over the years, they’ve researched and refined models and frameworks to help sales teams maximise their results.
    What are your sales training methods?
    The four major sources of sales training include on-the-job training, learning-by-doing, tailored sales workshops, and personalised one-on-one sales coaching. Together, they show your team how to achieve even better results.
    What outcomes can my company expect after your sales training?
    The five key objectives of our sales training include:

    • Identifying problem areas in your process
    •  Developing a tailored improvement plan
    • Developing a continuous improvement process
    • Assisting in implementation
    • Building client relationships

    Our training will equip your salespeople with the skills they were missing, allowing them to develop confidence so your clients are better informed and your company sees an increase in sales.

    How do I measure sales training effectiveness?
    Prior to the training, we will agree on measurable metrics at three levels. They should be identifiable, quantifiable, and auditable. Once your team completes the training, you can easily track improvement.
    What are the most important skills in sales?
    The most important skills a salesperson can have are authenticity, the ability to actively listen and understand what the client is feeling, and the ability to have people trust you. There are 2 types of salespeople: systematic sellers and people who use their personality to sell. The best salespeople can do both.
    How can a small business improve its sales performance?
    The best strategy a small business can use to improve sales is skill development. You may not have a big sales team (or a sales team at all), but if you invest in sales training that gives you practical models to increase your revenue, you will already be ahead. Impel Dynamic tailors the programme content to your goals, strengths, and improvement areas, so you can excel where it counts.
    How can I improve my sales skills?
    Invest in your professional development. Buyer preferences and journeys are constantly changing. Even if you have a good understanding of the sales fundamentals, keep learning new methods that will allow you to achieve better results.