Other Core Services

With decades of expertise, Impel Dynamic enhances businesses and helping them initiate change to grow and flourish.

We also provide Other Core Services, such as Customer Experience Skills, Time Management, Recruitment Skills, Client Audits and Mystery Shopping.

Looking to provide the best customer experience?
Better manage your time?
More effectively recruit team members?
Develop your value for clients?
nsure your products and services are being sold effectively? 
Impel Dynamic can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Read below for more information on each programme.
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Customer Service Training

  • Be equipped with the skills needed to deliver outstanding service at every touch point
  • Gain fundamental understanding of great customer service and exceed customer expectations
  • Learn to personalise the customer experience and enhance empathy
  • Confidently handle challenging customers or difficult situations
  • Build consistency and a pro-active standard of five-star service
  • Improve how your staff interact with customers face to face

Time Management Skills

  • Learn to prioritise incoming requests, emails, deadlines and clients
  • Gain confidence in delegation
  • Manage the conflict between urgent vs. important
  • Assertively manage expectations
  • Competently handle workload clashes and spend optimum time on the right tasks
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with tried-and-tested tools
  • Free up time; work smarter, not harder

Recruitment Skills

Impel Dynamic provides the essential elements to successfully recruit the right candidates. Implement strengthened recruitment skills, saving time and costs through:

  • Better efficiency
  • Stronger decision making
  • Fewer mistakes by streamlining processes
  • Improved preparation
  • Employee retention

Boost communication strategies with:

  • Enhanced interview techniques
  • Crystal-clear role profiling
  • Considering mindsets, habits, skills & expertise of candidates

Ultimately, it’s not just about recruiting someone who is great at what they do. Get the right fit for your company culture.

Client Audits

Client Audits provide structured feedback from your most important clients. Impel Dynamic will liaise with your most important clients to obtain honest accurate accounts of where you are meeting, exceeding and falling short of their expectations

  • Identify how you can add further value to the customer
  • Identify any outstanding issues that need special attention
  • Access major decision makers, using this process and potentially opening up more opportunities
  • Build more trusting relationships with clients by streamlining processes

Improve performance and profits for the customer. You add value; they know it.

Mystery Shopping

Impel Dynamic will mystery shop your nominated sites, to identify and analyse your strengths & weaknesses in the delivery of services and skills.

  • Understand what is really going on, front-of-house
  • Refine processes with your organisation and make your staff more skilful
  • Offer a better customer experience and increase revenues
  • Enable speedier improvements to be made, tailoring your development on the outcomes of Mystery Shopping findings
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty, while simultaneously encouraging greater spend

After reporting our findings, Impel Dynamic can provide bespoke and focused learning and development. Call us for more details.


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