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    Strengthen every aspect of your business with Impel Dynamic’s tailored services, including client audits, recruitment training, sales assessment, and more.

    Transform and prosper

    20+ years of experience. 1000+ methods tried and refined.

    Today, we bring you critical frameworks that strengthen your business, make you stand out against competitors, and convince customers to choose you.

    Unlock new insights, equip your teams with best practices for the future of business, and transform your organisation.

    Explore our B2B & B2C services and experience the world of phenomenal results.

    Our services

    Five-star Service

    Customer Service Training

    Exceed customer expectations with actionable workshops & personalised 1-on-1 action plans for your team. Our expert trainers help you:

    • Proactively deliver five-star service
    • Increase repeat business & referrals
    • Strategically personalise the customer experience
    • Overcome challenges in your unique service environment

    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Time Management Skills Training

    Get more done in half the time with time management skills training personalised to your professional environment. Acquire the methods to:

    • Identify the 20% of tasks that bring 80% of the results
    • Focus on high-value initiatives and delegate effectively
    • Manage workload clashes and prioritise the right requests
    • Assertively manage expectations to increase your productivity

    Hire Faster & Better

    Recruitment Skills Training

    Take control of your recruitment and design a process that delivers & retains top talent. Strengthen every aspect of your recruitment with expert-led training tailored to your environment:

    • Market to top talent with compelling employer branding
    • Refine your role profiling to focus on skills and culture fit
    • Effectively screen & shortlist applicants with a tailored rating scale
    • Enhance your interviewing techniques with structured frameworks

    Hear From Key Accounts

    Client Audits

    Discover what your clients really think about your service. Impel Dynamic experts liaise with your key clients and provide feedback structured for you to take action:

    • Reliably add more value to your key clients
    • Find out where you exceed (and where you don’t meet) expectations
    • Discover critical improvement areas that lead to higher lifetime value
    • Access major decision-makers and shape proposals to address their pressing challenges

    Uncover Opportunities

    Mystery Shopping

    Step into your customers’ shoes and implement change quickly with Impel Dynamic’s mystery shopping service:

    • Identify inefficient areas and bottlenecks that cost you revenue
    • Receive a professional analysis of your website, service, and delivery
    • Refine your processes & equip your staff with vital customer experience skills
    • Focus on pressing improvement areas with an actionable plan and see ROI faster

    Test Competency

    Sales Assessment

    Which skills does your team need to take your organisation to the next level? Identify improvement, excellence and weakness areas with robust sales assessments:

    • Assess the competency of individuals in various sales roles
    • Identify training needs and equip your team with the skills to sell smarter
    • Understand the culture fit and unique strengths of team members & candidates
    • Select specific skill assessments from a library created by experienced sales professionals

    Personality & Approach

    Psychometric Assessment

    It’s not just: will they sell? It’s: how will they sell? Understand who your salespeople are and leverage your unique strengths to get better results with psychometric assessments created by first-class sales leaders:

    • Prepare strategies rooted in your strengths
    • Identify and recruit candidates with enhanced culture-fit profiling
    • Identify your team’s resilience, agility, soft skills, and behavioural drivers
    • Develop your existing team members’ potential and identify training needs

    Excel & Scale

    Business Stratergy

    Build a strategy that delivers results. Harnessing 20+ years of experience in solving complex high-level challenges, Impel Dynamic helps you:

    • Transform & thrive
    • Build and implement a high-impact business strategy
    • Monitor & optimise your results
    • Resolve challenges with actionable workshops
    • Identify and leverage your strengths and weaknesses
    • Expand your market share and explore new opportunities
    • Harness and execute your full potential

    See The Whole Picture

    360° Client Analysis

    Understand who your clients are and how you can best provide value. Receive a structured analysis that charts a clear path towards success:

    • Identify highest-value customer segments
    • Receive powerful insights to build your acquisition & retention roadmap
    • Analyse your omnichannel capabilities and appear where your clients are
    • Identify risks that could cost you revenue & prepare mitigation plans with expert-backed frameworks

    Some of our stats and facts

    99% of our clients say they would recommend us

    92% say they received a significant return on their investment

    +88% of our clients say we exceeded expectations

    95% of managers see a positive change in behaviour

    99% of our clients say they would use us again

    97% say our programmes are extremely practical

    How are we helping other organisations?

    Multi-million-dollar deals

    Today we drive multi-million dollar deals out of our Inside Sales function that were largely discarded beforehand. From the first engagement with the team at Impel Dynamic, it was clear that they do things in a different way to vendors we had used before. They worked incredibly hard to truly understand our requirements, our market, our business and importantly our people before they went into delivery. The result is that Impel felt part of our business and shared our passion for success. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and come highly recommended.

    Work with real clarity

    We worked with the people at Impel Dynamic in looking at many facets of our business including setting the right culture, sales training, key account management, time management, leadership training. The list goes on.

    I can honestly say we benefited greatly from the team’s input. We incorporate the learnings into our business on a daily business.

    We now work with real clarity around where we are, where we are going and how we get there. An excellent return on investment.

    Successful programme with our Global Team

    Following a successful programme with our Global Team, we have been hugely impressed by the quality of service, approach and delivery.

    Their expertise and training techniques have exceeded expectations with a carefully tailored and specific programme, relevant to our needs, delivered across a complex team landscape both locally in the UK and with our international offices.

    Since using ID, we have noticed a number of significant and measurable improvements in many of our KPI’s.

    We now regard the Team at ID as trusted and valued business partners and have no hesitation in recommending them, their people and their services to others.


    Are your services delivered in-person or virtually?
    We can arrange virtual or in-person delivery depending on your preferences.
    What is the best training for customer service?
    The best customer service training adapts to your environments and unique challenges. Our expert trainers conduct a pre-training analysis to define the programme content and tailor it so that you can implement the methods quickly.
    What is the best time management skills training?
    The best time management skills training understands that your time is precious, and you should only focus on the tasks that require your expertise. Our time management training equips you with efficient delegation and prioritisation methods that increase your productivity.
    What is the best recruitment training?
    The best recruitment training is tailored to your industry’s and staff’s unique challenges. Our experts help you implement processes that deliver results long after you complete the training
    What outcomes can I expect after you perform a client audit?
    After we liaise with your clients, you will receive a systematised analysis showing you precisely how to improve your service and increase your top-priority clients’ lifetime value.
    Why do I need a sales assessment or a psychometric assessment?
    If you want to improve your sales performance, you need to know your salespeople. The success of your strategies depends on the people who implement them. In recruitment, psychometric and sales assessments determine if the candidate will fit your unique company culture.
    What industries do you work with?
    Our expert consultants and trainers have experience in different industries in B2B & B2C.
    What outcomes can I expect after your services?
    Our experts focus on quick implementation. After our initial analysis, we will propose mapping your key problem areas to specific metrics so you can easily track the ROI of our services.
    I need something else
    We’d love to help you select the right service. Please get in touch with us via email or speak to us on tel:02033257777