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    Stay competitive in the virtual era and beyond with bespoke training by hybrid selling pioneers.

    The Future Is Hybrid

    Appear in the right place at the right time and capture high-level interest.

    Build rapport, deliver confidently, and engage without the traditional board room. Switch between F2F sales and remote seamlessly (and understand when the buyers want you to) with customised B2B & B2C hybrid and virtual sales training.

    It’s time to take your omnichannel sales to the next level

    Your Top Channel Is Omnichannel

    Equip your teams with skills to sell effectively in the hybrid era. Our hybrid selling pioneers will show your team how to
    • Create an omnichannel sales strategy
    • Quickly capture interest
    • Deliver high-impact presentations remotely
    • Client attention
    • Engage in virtual, F2F, telephone, email & hybrid settings
    • Convey confidence
    • Augment your existing skills with proven frameworks

    Build value for your prospects even before you shake their hand.

    Delivery Methods

    We meet you where you are: face-to-face or in the cloud.

    F2F sales
    programme delivery

    online training


    Virtual Sales Training Key Areas

    Virtual sales training workshop

    Convey confidence, pick up social cues, and establish rapport with prospects while selling remotely.

    • Prepare a powerful virtual sales meeting with proven models
    • Acquire the skills to pitch, collaborate, and expand opportunities virtually
    • Leverage virtual selling technology to convince & close

    Virtual presentations workshop

    Present your offer convincingly no matter the channel and keep the prospects interested long after the call is done.

    • Build credibility even before stakeholders join the meeting
    • Engage prospects with storyboarding & visuals
    • Gain trust and demonstrate your expertise

    Hybrid sales training workshop

    Know when (and how) to switch different channels to increase the likelihood of a close with proven frameworks.

    • Understand the
      behavioural psychology to time the switch
    • perfectlyUpgrade & monitor your hybrid sales process
    • Inspire your team to think creatively

    How are we helping other organisations?

    Multi-million-dollar deals

    Today we drive multi-million dollar deals out of our Inside Sales function that were largely discarded beforehand. From the first engagement with the team at Impel Dynamic, it was clear that they do things in a different way to vendors we had used before. They worked incredibly hard to truly understand our requirements, our market, our business and importantly our people before they went into delivery. The result is that Impel felt part of our business and shared our passion for success. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and come highly recommended.

    Work with real clarity

    We worked with the people at Impel Dynamic in looking at many facets of our business including setting the right culture, sales training, key account management, time management, leadership training. The list goes on.

    I can honestly say we benefited greatly from the team’s input. We incorporate the learnings into our business on a daily business.

    We now work with real clarity around where we are, where we are going and how we get there. An excellent return on investment.

    Successful programme with our Global Team

    Following a successful programme with our Global Team, we have been hugely impressed by the quality of service, approach and delivery.

    Their expertise and training techniques have exceeded expectations with a carefully tailored and specific programme, relevant to our needs, delivered across a complex team landscape both locally in the UK and with our international offices.

    Since using ID, we have noticed a number of significant and measurable improvements in many of our KPI’s.

    We now regard the Team at ID as trusted and valued business partners and have no hesitation in recommending them, their people and their services to others.

    Some of our stats and facts

    99% of our clients say they would recommend us

    92% say they received a significant return on their investment

    +88% of our clients say we exceeded expectations

    95% of managers see a positive change in behaviour

    99% of our clients say they would use us again

    97% say our programmes are extremely practical

    The 3i Process

    Equip your team with skills and processes to exceed targets in hybrid selling environments.

    Our programme equips your salespeople with critical skills for the hybrid era. Radiate confidence. Deliver engaging presentations. Know when to switch from virtual to F2F sales. Let our hybrid selling pioneers show you best practices and develop innovative methods that keep you one step ahead of your competition.

    Stage 1.
    Interview & Tailored Virtual Sales Training Creation

    Our experts assess your existing workforce’s strengths and weaknesses to identify your training needs.

    • One-on-one team interviews
    • Departmental observations
    • Focus group workshops

    Stage 2.
    Interactive Learning

    Our experts harness your team’s full innovation potential and create unique remote sales training that engages different learning styles.

    • Interactive workshops
    • Individual coaching
    • Simulations & role play
    • Group problem solving & team building

    Stage 3.

    We ensure you get the maximum ROI from your virtual sales training with clear action plans and KPIs.

    • Personalised and measurable action plans
    • Field support and recorded simulations
    • Blended learning

    Adapt & excel!


    What does virtual sales training mean?
    Virtual sales training is a workshop covering all the key elements of virtual and hybrid selling. It equips your team with core skills and teaches them how to leverage each channel to adapt to the prospect’s needs for the highest likelihood of winning a deal.
    Why is virtual sales training important?
    Hybrid selling is now expected – you should adapt as soon as possible. Most salespeople struggle to convey the F2F confidence and command attention when selling virtually or in a hybrid setting. We’ve worked with remote sales teams even before the COVID-19 pandemic and helped shape the best practices used today.
    What are virtual sales training methods?
    Our virtual sales training uses a blended approach to maximise the effects for different learning styles. Some of the methods we use include virtual sales training workshops, 1-on-1 work with individual representatives, and simulations.
    What are the pros & cons of virtual sales training in L&D?
    Salespeople need to master virtual and hybrid sales to stay competitive, and companies need to accommodate buyers who prefer omnichannel communication over face-to-face meetings. Virtual sales training ensures you’re prepared to convince, switch, and win.
    What makes good virtual sales training?
    Good virtual sales training is practical – salespeople should be able to apply the lessons quickly. Our trainers specialise in creating virtual sales programmes that function almost like tutorials your team can follow and apply to their processes.
    How does virtual sales training work? What can I expect?
    Before the training, our consultants will analyse your current (virtual) sales processes. We’ll identify improvement areas to target with the course content. Since every sales team is different, we tailor the course content to their learning styles and your company objectives with a combination of interactive learning methods, including virtual sales workshops and simulations.
    What is hybrid (omnichannel) selling?
    Hybrid selling (or omnichannel selling) is selling through different channels simultaneously. For example, you may first engage a prospect through email, then book a virtual sales call, maintain the communication over the phone, and meet periodically in person. Since buyers are increasingly enjoying the ability to choose how they engage with salespeople, hybrid selling is becoming the new standard.
    How many people can attend the virtual sales training?
    It depends on your business needs. We can provide training for your entire team. However, we recommend no more than 8 delegates per session. This way, we can pay more attention to every individual and maximise their learning opportunity.
    Where will the virtual sales training be held?
    We can come to you or arrange virtual training.
    Is your virtual selling training the right fit for my company?
    If your sales team is full of ambitious professionals who want to develop their skills quickly, our training is the right fit.

    Your team will complete our course with an action plan they can implement right away and an omnichannel strategy you can review and implement together.

    Most of our clients see results immediately after the training (with new tactics deployed) and long-term. We encourage you to measure your conversions and engagement by channel for a precise image of your training ROI.

    Are your sales trainers good at virtual sales?
    Yes, and they’ve done so since [YEAR]. All our trainers are experienced salespeople who have closed millions of pounds in high-value deals and helped shape new hybrid sales models. They speak from experience and help your team reframe their mindset so they can adapt quickly in the future.