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Let Impel Dynamic help you prepare your business for a post-Covid-19 market.
Delivered virtually, Impel Dynamic’s virtual sales training provides your workforce with the  necessary skill set to sell and handle client relationships remotely.  In addition, we support leaders in managing their teams virtually.

Video conferencing brings a new set of challenges; shorter attention spans, more assertive decision-making and uncontrollable technical issues.

Our Virtual Training Workshops give the knowledge and skills needed to best handle virtual sales meetings, remote management and the challenges of pitching, objection-handling and closing virtually.

Engage with our expert-led virtual training programmes to support your business into our new normal.


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Topics we cover

Our Process

Impel Dynamic delivers customised programmes designed to initiate fundamental changes in both your organisation and the talented individuals of your workforce, bringing growth and profit.

We drive forward your business through collaboration. Our three-stage process

 takes the time to understand your key objectives and company culture
personalises training and mentoring for maximum effectiveness
returns to ensure successful implementation  

With a staggering 92% ROI success rate, Impel Dynamic’s bespoke sales training programmes are adapted to suit your business needs. From the initial consultation, to a one-to-five-day workshop, to an ongoing sales training development plan for the future, our sales training programmes:

develops better customer engagement
improves confidence and sales skills
increases sales and profits

STAGE 1: Research & Programme Construction

Impel Dynamic works with you to help you identify your business weaknesses and opportunities in a post-Covid-19 world:

  • One-on-one interviews – identifying perceptions and experiences
  • Focus Group Workshops – including a ‘business health check

This research and analysis provides the foundation for programme personalisation.

STAGE 2: Practical Learning

Impel Dynamic’s highly interactive, virtually delivered, expert-led training uses virtual breakout rooms, seminar sessions and a virtual flipchart to inspire your people to make practical changes to their approach through techniques such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Virtual team building
  • Case studies
  • Polling
  • Simulations
  • Virtual role play
  • Group presentations
  • Individual coaching


STAGE 3: Implementation & follow-up

Observing fundamental changes we’ve initiated is key to ensuring the greatest success of the programme. Together, we track the impact of training on your business.
This may include:

  • Agreed personalised and measurable action plans
  • Recorded simulations
  • Blended learning to meet core objectives

Our sincere aim to deliver effective results ensures you will see the change you seek.

What our clients say

Virtual Training FAQs

What is Virtual Sales Training?

Virtual Sales Training is a training workshop which covers all the key elements of selling virtually. It is delivered virtually, due to the restrictions on workplace visitation.

How does virtual training differ from the programmes Impel Dynamic already runs?

We are now also running our other training programmes, such as Sales Training or Leadership & Management and Business Development, virtually. These programmes follow our highly successful delivery structure: Learn, Execute, Review, but have been slightly re-structured to enable instructors to deliver their tailored programme to working remotely.

What is 'instructor-led' Virtual Sales Training?

Instructor-led, also known as expert- or presenter-led, virtual training refers to a training session, given via an online communication platform, like Zoom or Teams, by a professional trainer.

It’s important to note, it’s not a pre-recorded session. The session is live and tailored to your requirements.

What’s the difference between a webinar and Instructor-Led Virtual Training Session?

Great question. Webinars usually take a more “presentation” structure–an individual or panel present data or insights to a wider audience, whose interaction is limited. Think key-note speaker at an auditorium. Our instructor-led Virtual Training Sessions are delivered to 6-8 participants, with an entirely tailored programme and significantly more interaction.

How many people can do Impel Dynamic’s Virtual Sales Training?

Impel Dynamic is flexible to your business needs. To ensure everyone gets the most out of the session and minimise technology complications, we recommend that no more than eight delegates participate in any one session.

What platform do you use and do I have to pay for that service?

Impel Dynamic uses Zoom to deliver our virtual training sessions. We recommend that you download their free-of-charge desktop app. Just use the Meeting ID, or click the link, add your name and press ‘Next’.

What are the benefits of attending a Virtual Training session?

The health and wellbeing of our business associates is paramount, at this difficult time. The lockdown measures have brought with them a welcomed handful of silver linings. In keeping with government guidelines, Impel Dynamic’s virtual training sessions remove the need to travel, saving time and increasing convenience.

How long is each Virtual Training sessions?

Session length varies according to content required. Although sessions can vary between 45 minutes and three hours, we try to ensure sessions do not go beyond 2.5 hours and we build in regular breaks to maintain delegate’s motivation. Sessions can be weekly or twice weekly, with an average programme totalling four sessions, depending on the objectives and needs of the business.