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    Open Advanced Sales Course

    Go beyond tactics, master sales strategy, and close multi-million-dollar deals.

    Discover the Impel Dynamic way!

    Advanced Strategies For A New Era

    Sales tactics will only get you so far. It’s time for sales mastery.

    Master strategic B2B selling through an intense one-day open sales course delivered by trailblazing salespeople with experience across industries.

    Understand the psychology of selling that makes the C-suite audience tick. Command attention and sell on the value you provide. Position yourself as your clients’ strategic partner.

    Stop standing up to competitors.

    It’s time to stand out.

    We Can Come To You

    Do you have more than two participants interested in a Sales Training course? Perhaps you want to upskill a whole department? Then let us come to you.

    Consider a cost-effective tailored Sales development programme, unique to your business.


    Is The Advanced Sales Course Right For You?

    If you want to…

    • Use advanced sales strategies
    • Effectively manage complex accounts
    • Command the C-suite’s attention
    • Sell high-value solutions
    • Build relationships with key decision-makers
    • Sell on value – not price

    Impel Dynamic will show you how to…

    • Build a powerful 12-month strategy
    • Entice & win over key decision-makers
    • Handle the toughest objections
    • Harness the power of selling on a psychological level
    • Leverage consultative sales
    • Intelligently manage and maximise value from your accounts
    • It’s time to unlock new opportunities!


    for advanced sales professionals

    Convince, compel & close the C-suite audience. Go beyond the fundamentals of sales and join the ranks of experienced salespeople ready to approach new business strategically. With expert trainers at the top of their game, you’ll close more – and smarter.


    Fill out the pre-training questionnaire. We customise the course content for the delegates.Bring your action plans, targets, and objections to the training to get practical & actionable advice.


    Course Content

    Find out how phenomenal salespeople go beyond the price & product to lead impactful conversations.
    • Selling on value
    • Psychology of selling
    • Effective sales strategy
    • Strategic client management
    • Harness emotions & convince effectively
    • Manage meetings with multiple decision-makers
    • Get attention from decision-makers & influencers
    • Questioning & listening with advanced dialogue models
    • Stand out from your competition (without standing up to them)

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    Jan 20th & 27th, 2023

    10am-1pm GMT

    Virtual Delivery

    Feb 20th & 27th, 2023

    1:30pm-4:30pm GMT

    Virtual Delivery

    Mar 6th & 13th 2023

    9am-12pm GMT

    Virtual Delivery


    Optional Post-Training Review

    Strengthen your new skills with a post-training review.

    Schedule a review and identify transformative areas for one-on-one coaching that reflects the reality of your daily sales.


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    What is advanced sales training?

    If you’re an already established sales professional, advanced sales training will expose you to next-level skills. Going beyond the fundamentals, advanced sales training analyses how people make decisions, why they say no, and gives you a deep knowledge of the psychology of selling.

    Why should I select the open advanced sales skills course?

    If you’ve mastered the basics of sales and still want to achieve more (beat your targets), Impel Dynamic’s intensive crash course into advanced selling is the perfect option. You’ll get practical strategies to apply from day one.

    Why do I need an advanced sales training course?

    Impel Dynamic’s sales training course equips you with skills to fill your pipeline with decision-makers with the authority to sign off on major deals and employ the psychology of selling to position yourself as your prospects’ strategic partner. It’s a great fit for established salespeople who want to build intelligent sales strategies.

    I have 5+ years of experience in sales. Which new methods will I learn in your advanced sales skills course?
    The advanced sales skills course shows you how to communicate with C-suite executives, tailor the value proposition, leverage purchasing drivers, apply practical frameworks for consultative selling, and build an effective sales strategy.
    How much can I learn in one advanced sales course?
    You’d be surprised with how much one can learn in an intensive one-day training session! Our training will show you an intelligent approach to persuading and influencing prospects and clients.
    What makes a good sales training provider?

    There are many variables as to what makes a good sales training provider. However, one key factor is a proven track record. At Impel Dynamic, you will only work with experienced salespeople who have had phenomenal sales results themselves.

    How do you identify a good sales course?

    When shaping Impel Dynamic courses, we focus on exposing you to best practices that help you maximise results in your actual sales environment. We’re proud that 95% of our course participants rate our courses as outstanding.

    Where will the sales course be held?

    The sales course can be held virtually or in person. We provide in-person advanced sales training in central London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Please check out the timetable for locations and dates.

    What benefits will I experience after going on this sales course?

    You’ll have more confidence to get in front of decision-makers, understand how to identify purchasing decisions, and re-focus on selling on value to stand out against your competition. Ultimately, you’ll become more comfortable with making the client confident in the value of your solutions.

    How advanced are your sales trainers?

    Our sales trainers are professionals with extensive first-hand selling experience. They’ve actively co-created best practices and sold in different B2B & B2C markets. In our open advanced sales course, we systematise their expertise to provide a practical & intelligent course that shows you best practices to use daily.