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    Bespoke Business Development Programmes

    Expand your opportunities with Impel Dynamic’s proven business development programmes for professional service firms.

    Maximise Your Revenue With Effective Business Development Strategies

    Proactively win more business, uncover new opportunities, and build board-level influence

    Impel Dynamic specialises in helping professional service firms in the legal, financial, and insurance sectors expand their influence and maximise their revenue. 

    Establish future-proof BD processes, identify best practices for the future, and win over your key accounts.

    Acquisition, Retention & Expansion

    Become your clients’ strategic partner with expert-led business development programmes:
    • Win new clients
    • Maximise your revenue by selling deeper & wider into your key accounts
    • Strengthen relationships
    • Generate clients faster & smarter
    • Become your clients’ strategic partner
    • Build a refined BD strategy
    • Write winning proposals
    • Deliver powerful presentations & sales pitches
    • Increase your team’s confidence
    • Systematically maximise key account lifetime value

    Delivery Methods

    We meet you where you are: face-to-face or in the cloud.

    F2F sales
    programme delivery

    online training


    Training Methods

    Consulting & Coaching

    Our experts coach you to proactively win more business, broaden your existing opportunities, and build a business development process your team can rely on.

    Bespoke Business Development Programmes For Professional Service Firms

    Close knowledge gaps and make your teams proactive, confident, and successful with Impel Dynamic’s formal business development programme for your professional service firm.

    Training Academy & Business Development Plans

    Expand your people’s existing skillset continuously, position yourself as your clients’ strategic partner, and exceed targets with an actionable roadmap to grow your revenue and people.

    Business Development Programme Areas

    Business development training

    Equip your team with proven BD skills and systems to attract prospects’ attention, convince them of value, and unlock new opportunities.

    • Strengthen your entire business development process
    • Apply proven BD models from day #1
    • Expand and reinforce your revenue channels

    Account and key account management

    Maximise your clients’ lifetime value with expert-led account and key account management training for professional service firms.

    • Identify highly valuable accounts with an effective model
    • Stand out among competitors and retain your client base
    • Build credibility

    Presentation skills

    Deliver powerful and effective presentations that demonstrate your value from page one.

    • Strengthen your presentation delivery, style & content
    • Build confidence
    • Align your presentations with your prospects’ business drivers

    Winning tenders

    Reach high-value prospects and generate more revenue with tried & true tender strategies:

    • Streamline your tender-writing process
    • Create winning tender content with storyboarding
    • Improve tender responses

    Writing business proposals

    Persuade prospects through strategic proposal writing that demonstrates your expertise and proves your firm is the right choice.

    • Learn key business proposal models that win business
    • Strategically stand out among competitors
    • Emphasise the value your team brings to the table

    LinkedIn & social media for business

    Proactively expand your client base and grow its value with LinkedIn and social media outreach.

    • Strategically build LinkedIn & social media connections
    • Understand the challenges (and provide the solution)
    • Time your pitch perfectly

    How are we helping other organisations?

    Multi-million-dollar deals

    Today we drive multi-million dollar deals out of our Inside Sales function that were largely discarded beforehand. From the first engagement with the team at Impel Dynamic, it was clear that they do things in a different way to vendors we had used before. They worked incredibly hard to truly understand our requirements, our market, our business and importantly our people before they went into delivery. The result is that Impel felt part of our business and shared our passion for success. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and come highly recommended.

    Work with real clarity

    We worked with the people at Impel Dynamic in looking at many facets of our business including setting the right culture, sales training, key account management, time management, leadership training. The list goes on.

    I can honestly say we benefited greatly from the team’s input. We incorporate the learnings into our business on a daily business.

    We now work with real clarity around where we are, where we are going and how we get there. An excellent return on investment.

    Successful programme with our Global Team

    Following a successful programme with our Global Team, we have been hugely impressed by the quality of service, approach and delivery.

    Their expertise and training techniques have exceeded expectations with a carefully tailored and specific programme, relevant to our needs, delivered across a complex team landscape both locally in the UK and with our international offices.

    Since using ID, we have noticed a number of significant and measurable improvements in many of our KPI’s.

    We now regard the Team at ID as trusted and valued business partners and have no hesitation in recommending them, their people and their services to others.

    Some of our stats and facts

    99% of our clients say they would recommend us

    92% say they received a significant return on their investment

    +88% of our clients say we exceeded expectations

    95% of managers see a positive change in behaviour

    99% of our clients say they would use us again

    97% say our programmes are extremely practical

    The 3i Process

    Equip your team with skills and processes to proactively win more business for your business.

    Impel Dynamic’s programmes give your professionals competencies to attract more revenue, expand on existing opportunities, and transform your company into your clients’ strategic partner.

    Stage 1.
    Interview & Tailored Business Development Programme Creation

    Our experts assess your existing strengths and weaknesses to identify your training needs.

    • One-on-one team interviews
    • Departmental observations
    • Focus group workshops

    Stage 2.
    Interactive Learning

    Impel Dynamic harnesses your team’s full innovation potential to create a unique business development programme that engages different learning styles.

    • Interactive workshops
    • Individual coaching
    • Simulations & role play
    • Group problem solving & team building

    Stage 3.

    We ensure you get the maximum ROI from your business development programme with clear action plans and KPIs.

    • Personalised and measurable action plans
    • Field support and recorded simulations
    • Blended learning

    Say hello to confidence!


    What is business development training?
    Business development training equips your team with efficient methods to win new business, retain existing accounts, and sell deeper and wider into key accounts while fostering strong relationships.
    What are business development skills?
    Business development skills allow professionals to reliably attract new business and discover new opportunities. In Impel Dynamic’s training, you’ll get the right communication skills to earn trust, develop strong relationships, and gain commitment from your ideal prospects.
    Who are your business development trainers?
    Our trainers are sales and business development professionals with extensive experience. They’re not merely presenters – they have a proven track record in helping organisations bring in $1,000,000+. In our business development training, they bring the best insights to you.
    How can I improve my business development skills?
    The best way to learn business development skills is to put them into practice. After a practical programme, you will know exactly what to do to fill your book of business with qualified prospects ready to listen to you.
    How do I evaluate the effectiveness of business development training?
    We help you map problem areas to specific metrics. For example, if you struggle to attract new business, our experts will help you focus on the strategies to win new clients, making it easier to measure your training ROI.
    What makes a good business development training programme?
    The best business development training programmes are practical and insightful. Our experts expose you not only to best practices but also to the next practices for the future to help your team prepare for an ever-changing world.
    How will my company benefit from business development training?
    The main benefit of business development training is increased revenue and stronger client relationships. Your team won’t only learn how to attract new business – Impel Dynamic’s experts will help them become truly valued strategic partners to your clients.
    What outcomes can I expect after the BD training?
    The key metric we take pride in is increased revenue and stronger client relationships. After your team has completed the BD training, you will be equipped with the skills, strategies, and systems to effectively develop your business and become a truly valued partner to your clients.