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    Open Telesales Training

    Win more business over the phone.

    Your Cold Prospects Don’t Have Time For You, But…

    If you can convincingly deliver value, they will reward you with their time.

    You have 10 seconds to win them over. Make every second count and improve your conversion rate with open telesales training delivered by experts.

    Set yourself up for success with outbound prep frameworks. Capture attention and tell a compelling story about your solution. Build rapport from the first few seconds and time your proposal perfectly.

    Convert your cold calls!

    We Can Come To You

    Do you have more than two participants interested in a Sales Training course? Perhaps you want to upskill a whole department? Then let us come to you.

    Consider a cost-effective tailored Sales development programme, unique to your business.


    Is Sales Telesales Training Right For You?

    If you want to…

    • Capture attention
    • Build rapport
    • Close more business
    • Maximise deal value
    • Counter objections with ease

    Impel Dynamic will show you how to…

    • Open with impact
    • Reach decision-makers
    • Increase average deal value
    • Confidently overcome obstacles
    • Harness the power of the psychology of selling
    • Close more deals!


    for outbond & inbound roles

    Maximise your inbound and outbound telesales results. Get critical tools to authentically engage, win their trust, and close significantly more deals.

    Our telesales training is perfect for:

    • Telesales executives
    • Business Development managers
    • Sales development representatives
    • Sales executives
    • Telesales agents/staff
    • Telemarketing staff
    • Outbound sales calls
    • Inhouse sales
    • Call centre staff


    Fill out the pre-training questionnaire. We customise the course content for the delegates to maximise the learning opportunity.
    Bring your action plans & targets to the training to make the most out of your training!


    Course Content

    Break through the gates and confidently negotiate with the real decision-makers.
    • Persuasive call structures
    • Successful outbound campaign preparation
    • Get more airtime
    • Build instant rapport
    • Compelling elocution
    • Telephone questioning
    • Reach decision-makers
    • Time your proposal perfectly
    • Compellingly present your offer
    • Identify cross-sell & up-sell opportunities
    • Handle objections & present powerful counter-arguments
    • Close with impact and instil confidence that your product is the perfect solution

    Discover a better way to sell.


    April 5, 2022

    5:00 PM – 5:30 PM CEST

    Virtual Delivery & IN-Person Delivery

    April 13 – April 29, 2022

    4:00 PM – 4:30 PM CEST

    Virtual Delivery & IN-Person Delivery

    April 10, 2022

    12:00 PM – 12:30 PM CEST

    Virtual Delivery & IN-Person Delivery


    Optional Post-Training Review

    Turn your new skills into permanent habits!

    Schedule a post-training review and identify areas for actionable one-on-one sales coaching.


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    What is telesales training and why do I need it?
    Telesales training equips you to reach, convince, and win bigger opportunities over the phone. You’ll build your skills and confidence, allowing you to convert more sales and start getting more commitment from your prospects.
    Who is this course suitable for?
    This course is best suited to people who need to win the trust of prospective clients over the phone and solely have their tone to rely on:

    • Telesales executives
    • Call centre staff
    • Business Development managers
    • Sales development representatives
    • Sales executives
    • Telesales agents/staff
    • Telemarketing staff
    • Outbound sales calls
    • Inhouse sales
    Who will benefit from telesales training?
    Impel Dynamic’s telesales training is best suited to SDRs, business development representatives and other roles that rely on phone communication in their initial prospecting. If you want to engage prospects from the offset, get through to decision-makers, and create compelling offers that increase your average deal value, join our open telesales training.
    What will I gain from the telesales course?
    You will learn how to start conversations with impact, get past the gatekeepers, overcome objections, and leverage the psychology of selling to close more business over the phone.
    How can I improve my telesales skills?
    The best way to improve your telesales skills is by having a good framework you can rely on to close without appearing pushy. Impel Dynamic’s open telesales training will help you prepare the best counterarguments to common objections, build rapport quickly, and retain your prospect’s attention to time your proposal perfectly.
    What skills do you need for telesales?
    There are many skills which we cover in our course, but one that stands out is authenticity. It’s crucial to be communicative and a very good listener. You don’t want to sound like you’re reading from a script. It’s crucial to sound authentic and human (no one likes feeling like they’re speaking to a computer).
    What are some top tips for telesales success?
    We frequently share our advice on our sales blog.
    How do I train for telesales?
    Practice makes perfect! As you follow our telesales training, you will learn how to implement our experts’ frameworks in your daily sales process.
    How difficult is the telesales training?
    The training is intensive but incredibly helpful! Telesales is often considered one of the most challenging forms of selling because you can’t see the prospects’ body language (nor can they see yours). Our professionals have developed techniques that bridge the gap with the things that put you on the back foot and allow you to project confidence and empathy.
    Do your telesales courses cover appointment-setting?
    Our telesales courses cover lead qualification and appointment-setting with the right prospects.