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    3 Business Sales Trends to Look For in 2020

    February 17, 2020

    With new technologies arising, the constant importance of the internet and the pressure for businesses to connect with their audiences more than ever, business sales trends for 2019 are showing a more tailored approach to customer’s needs, communication and personalisation. This doesn’t mean disconnecting from new enhanced technology though, as technological competition is as rife as ever. Here are 3 business sales trends to look for in 2019:

    Artificial Intelligence will become a stronger marketing tool for businesses

    To remain competitive in 2020 businesses will need to adapt to the technological advancements of AI to keep their businesses up-to-date and relevant to customer’s needs and demands. The use of AI as a business tool means having the AI perform redundant tasks on a mass scale, allowing data to be processed and stored correctly and efficiently. AI can also help with business dashboards; future sale predictions and its machine learning capability can help boost sale revenue by predicting which products appeal to a potential customer based on their online browsing. Automated merchandising is just one of the biggest features AI can offer that can change business sales forever. It’s best to keep up with this in 2019 as it looks as if it will play a vital part in keeping businesses relevant, competitive and successful.

    Livestreaming will become more popular, helping businesses from the inside and out

    According to Livestream.comthere is a ‘37% increase in sales from companies with engaged employees’ and ‘engaged employees are 31% more productive as well’. It is basic knowledge that an engaged, more confident employee will produce more sales for their business. Being kept in your company’s loop and being updated with sales knowledge through live streaming means having a greater feeling of participation with your company on a regular basis. External live streaming also means businesses can connect to thousands of customers all over the world at once. Streaming new product launches or conferences to the public allows for a stronger business-customer relationship. You can expect to see more live streaming in 2020 as new and old businesses realise how easy it is to connect to their audience through a click of a button.

    Personalisation will become key to success

    Personalisation has never been so important. With so many businesses out there, it is the ones that make us feel appreciated the most that we keep on going back to. Personalised emails rather than generic ones make us feel valued as a customer and the way businesses approach and communicate with us are vital to their success. Having the right interpersonal skills, for instance, can make all the difference when calling a customer on the phone. Businesses and their employee’s need the right sales training to be able to gain commitment from their customers and to be able to handle any difficult objections or scenarios that could occur. Handling your customer’s needs with a personal touch can make all the difference to a customer’s day, and consequently, to your sales. Make sure this is one of your priorities going into 2020.