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    5 Innovative Sales Training Tips to Help You Reach Success

    October 23, 2019

    It wouldn’t be wise for you to implement sales training only on a one-off basis, perhaps on the assumption that, following a recruit’s induction period, they won’t need further training.

    On the contrary, if you continue to deliver training regularly, you can help your sales staff to keep their skills well-honed. Furthermore, they can more quickly learn from both triumphs and failures after making them. Here are some particularly unorthodox but worthwhile approaches to training.

    Promote your company’s values by example

    A company should have well-defined values which underpin much of what it does and how. For example, why was your company first formed and where do you expect it to progress? The answers to these questions will provide greater clarity on your firm’s mission and vision.

    However, you should remember to consistently abide by those core values, Inc. says. This can be especially crucial during times of struggle for the company.

    Teach those values via formal training

    Your staff might not become entirely well-versed in those values if you promote them only in a colloquial sense. Even listing those values in emails or documents sent out to staff might not suffice for firmly instilling them into your employees.

    If you instead use formal training to teach these core values, you will send out the especially powerful impression that these values matter; that you aren’t simply paying lip service to them.

    Compile – and regularly refer back to – valuable content

    The Internet provides a treasure trove of information about sales techniques that you should be especially eager to teach your personnel. However, the sheer amount of this information puts the onus strongly on you discerning which of it warrants the most attention from you and your staff.

    As you come across especially good pieces, gather them into a single place which can serve as a resource library for new staff wishing to learn how to align their skills with their colleagues’.

    Buddy new staff up with veteran workers

    Exciting though the world of sales can be, people who have only just joined your sales workforce could actually find that world rather daunting. You can help relieve this uncomfortable feeling for them if you set up a buddy system allowing them to learn from more experienced staff.

    GoTranscript CEO Peter Trebek says for Entrepreneur: “Chances are, the veteran has already asked the same questions that the new employee has and can answer them quickly with real-life experience.” This can prove effective for time-saving – and cultivating a better-engaging workplace.

    Let data feed into staff development

    It’s a good idea to get sales staff habitually sparing 15 minutes or so in which they can analyse sales calls or meetings as a way of assessing where they thrived and discerning room for improvement.

    At this stage, you shouldn’t overlook the worth of data platforms like ToutApp, which can help you use insights to optimise sales tactics. You might also benefit from putting staff through sales training provided by our staff here at Impel Dynamic.