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    How adding a sales person can make your small business thrive

    January 2, 2020

    As a small business owner, you know the importance sales have on your business, its profits and further growth. And when it comes to sales, they can be more difficult to come by if selling isn’t one of your areas of expertise. That’s where a salesperson can step in.

    Even if your business is generating many sales, adding a salesperson to your team can take profits to the next level. Here are just a few way salespeople can help your business thrive.

    They make a convincing pitch

    One of the main obstacles when selling is trying to convince prospects that you are worthy of their time. A skilled salesperson, however, knows how to get their foot in the door and make sure prospects listen to what they have to say. This makes a salesperson a key asset to your business. They know who to target and how to generate leads that end in a profit. And they do this all by developing a quality script that is tailored to potential clients. For a small business, this can take your business operations to the next level and open up your offering to a whole new customer base.

    Free up your time to work on other areas

    Your focus as a business owner cannot solely be on sales. By hiring a salesperson, you can delegate responsibility and have more time to focus on other important aspects of running a business. Having someone else responsible for handling sales lets you get on with what you do best and know that an expert is taking care of sales. Owning and running your own business takes a lot of time, making it pretty much impossible to keep up with new sales techniques, methods and trends whereas, for a salesperson, this is just part of the everyday job.

    Align your sales strategy your marketing strategy

    As a small business, hiring a salesperson would enable you to align sales and marketing. This could lead to sales and marketing collaborating, avoiding redundant efforts and prospects feeling confused. When the two functions interact, efforts can be maximised and create positive, impressive engagements with prospects. For a small business, this could prove crucial in long-term growth, and standing out from your competitors. Aligning your marketing and sales strategy, you get long-term value, according to LinkedIn.

    Develop the talent within your business

    It’s important to your business that as you grow, so do your staff. When it comes to your sales strategy, the relevant staff must know how and when to adapt. Take the time to discuss sales strategies with your sales staff and understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie. By identifying their skills and areas to improve, you might discover your sales staff require extra sales training.

    At Impel Dynamic our sales courses can further develop your sales staff and maximise their potential. For more information, phone us on 0203 325 7777 to discover how.