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    How to drive training in a digital era

    January 17, 2020

    With every year that passes, the workplace becomes increasingly digitally orientated. The digital transformation has filtered through every department, from management through to sales, and the challenges of hiring or training employees with the right capabilities has become harder.

    Here are a number of simple steps that any business can take right now in order to ramp up their training in response to the increasing demands of the digital era.

    Perform a learning and skills audit

    This is an essential first step. Having a workforce comprised of different ages, backgrounds and capabilities means that employees can naturally vary in their skills.

    A report by the European Commission recently identified that nine out of ten jobs will soon require workers to adopt digital skills – and that 44% of Europeans aged 16 to 74 don’t currently have the skills they would need.

    So, if you’ve identified a skills gap in your workforce, rest assured that you are not alone – and that it’s not difficult to fix.

    Demonstrate the benefits

    Employees who’ve worked in an industry or role for some time may be more adverse to revolutionary change in their working practices, so it’s up to you to lead by example. As reported by The Telegraph, the Centre for Economics and Business Research predicted that, for every £1 invested in digital skills training this year, it will be worth 15 times as much within 10 years.

    Everybody understands the concepts of career development and better wages, so communicate the benefits of digital learning in a language that all employees will understand.

    Foster innovation

    By staying up to date with ongoing and predicted trends within your sector, you will also be able to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to training. The more that employees are engaged with transformative, disruptive digital technology, the easier it will become for them to adapt in the future.

    Discuss with employees the perceived problems that they believe they might encounter, and come up with creative ways, together, to implement them into your workplace and training methods.

    Encourage peer learning

    With a workforce comprised of different experience and capabilities, there will no doubt be some staff who have already learned their role during the digital era. These employees could be key to stimulating the successful implementation of digital technologies in the workplace and could also be the most instantly receptive to training.

    Empower them to empower others, and stimulate personal development through digital training and beyond. We encourage this sort of two-tier approach at Impel Dynamic, where we deliver training, and also take responsibility for implementing it in the workplace.

    Deliver digitally at all levels

    The digital era has already affected businesses all over the world and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. With new technologies being patented frequently, digital training will continue to be an essential aspect of management and the development of staff at all levels. If you’re looking to enhance your own management skills or help your employees to advance in the digital era, get in touch today to discover the range of open courses and specialist management and sales training options that we provide.