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    Listen and learn: Finding the right balance when promoting your business

    January 23, 2020

    You might have the best product or service on the market, but if no one knows about it then what’s its use? Promoting your business can be a difficult thing to get right, with many techniques, communication platforms and marketing options available. So how can you make sure you’re reaching the right people?

    However, marketing isn’t the only answer when it comes to your business. It’s all about finding the right balance.

    Appreciate the importance of marketing…

    When promoting your business, marketing is an obvious activity that will come into play. However, the key to successful marketing lies within your strategy. Your marketing strategy must focus on your customers and their needs and not just what you have to offer them. Take the time to learn about your customers, their needs and the needs they don’t even know they need yet. From this you can begin to promote your business and show them why you are the one that can offer the best solution.

    Data is your best friend when developing a marketing strategy. According to RealBusiness, 87% of marketers still consider data to be their organisation’s most underused asset. Rather than make assumptions about your target audience, use as much data you can get your hands on to make informed decisions. By utilising data, you can achieve the right balance between promoting your business and coming across as pushy.

    …but don’t forget the importance of learning

    However, marketing can only go so far in promoting your business. Remember that marketing isn’t the only way your business can be promoted. Your sales staff represent your business day-in and day-out, to existing and potential new clients, so they play a huge role when it comes to promoting your business. At Impel Dynamic, we believe changing behaviour increases sales performance. Therefore, make the most of your sales through learning what works well and what doesn’t work so well to help your team to develop and better promote your business.

    Consistency is key

    When it comes to all business communications, make the most of the promotional possibilities they offer. From leaflets and business cards to presentations, your business name, logo, slogan and contact information should be present – including social media handles. For emails, make sure to add a complete signature so recipients know exactly who is contacting them and how they can interact with the sender. Consistency with your business communications makes potential clients more likely to recognise and take action with your business.

    Combine your customer service with sales

    In today’s modern society, customer service should be integrated with sales as a standard, reports Social Media Today. Having the two functions work together allows customers to learn about your company values and promote your business in the best light. This way sales training can be developed that is relevant to your business, and your staff can help play a part in effectively promoting your business as well generate sales.For information on customer service training for your sales staff, contact us today via our website or call 020 3859 0707.