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    The Best Ways to Generate New Leads Using Telesales

    February 11, 2020

    The goal of any business is to generate those leads that create profits. And when it comes to profit and lead generation there aren’t many industries more competitive than telesales. Whether you’ve worked in telemarketing before or you’ve experienced the roll from the customer’s perspective, you’ll understand the dynamics of a telesales call. Depending on whether you love or hate them, you’ll be well aware of the reputation that telesales has while remaining a solid way to generate new leads for your business. Here are just a few of the best ways to make the most of telesales today.

    Develop a quality script

    The main areas where businesses fall short with telemarketing is by sounding too formal or sales orientated while on their calls. A lot of the time when businesses are cold calling potential customers and clients, clients will drop the line as soon as they’re aware that they’re receiving some sort of sales pitch. Developing a quality script that understands the business tone of voice while identifying the aims of the call and the products on offer can help significantly in helping to open a new conversation with potential clients who wouldn’t normally take the call.

    Specialise and Diversify

    There’s no use trying to sell flour to a grocer or fruit to a baker, both of them will be familiar with the ins and outs of the products they use, so you shouldn’t spend time explaining the obvious. Cut to the chase and find the hole in the market, specialise in pinpointing exactly what your customer needs. You may have spent many years targeting the usual demographics with little success. Maybe you’re just targeting the groups or the wrong people within businesses. Use your telemarketing team to prospect for business by diversifying their call list and acquiring valuable contacts while allowing your sales team to close the deals on a full-time basis. This creates efficiencies and creates plain objectives for your staff when looking for new clients.

    Quality Assurance and Results Driven

    Your telesales strategy should always be adapted and homed in relation to the results you’re experiencing. Take the time to analyse your data and success rates and if you’re not generating the leads you were expecting then it may be time to change strategies. On the contrary, you may have a solid strategy, but the quality of the advisors may not be good enough and they may require further telesales training. As well as making the most of the sales data you have at your disposal you should also develop strong quality assurance methods to help you create examples of bad calls, and good calls to enable your team to develop and garner more sales.

    There’s many different benefits that telesales can have in terms of generating leads for your business, but these are just some of the main areas to consider. When looking to develop a telesales strategy it’s important to constantly revise your decisions to ensure they are working in the best way they can be and creating efficiencies in all areas of your business.