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    Why Motivation Is The Key To Successfully Managing a Team

    March 2, 2020

    If you have read up on how to make a team successful, you might have noticed a particular word popping up often: motivation! Why is motivation such a magic ingredient for instilling a winning mentality in workers? In this article, we provide an intriguing insight.

    Employees can thrive through collaboration

    This is a point raised by Inc., which adds that 39% of workers don’t believe their input to be appreciated. You can help to prevent employee dissatisfaction setting in on this point if you encourage team members to provide input and suggestions about how things can be improved.

    In the process, put questions to these employees and take account of the answers – even to the extent where, whenever possible, their ideas are put into action.

    People are more motivated when working to their strengths

    Each member of your team will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps you know one employee who is particularly adept at public speaking and another who can write brilliantly.

    As a manager, you should be careful to assign individual workers to responsibilities that are in line with their strengths. If you do this, those workers will improve in their confidence and motivation, says HuffPost. This puts the onus on you managing each employee individually.

    Employees can too easily waste time

    According to one study, 63% of employees believe that they waste time in the workplace due to a lack of awareness about which particular work on the schedule constitutes a priority. On top of that, every week, the average professional spends 3.8 hours in wasteful meetings.

    However, more motivated employees are more efficient employees. You can help to reduce time-wasting by distributing agendas for meetings and setting clear goals for other tasks.

    People can be too tempted by higher pay

    If you are worried about the possibility of your workers being swayed from the fold due to the tempting carrot of a higher salary dangling in front of their face, keep those motivation levels high!

    One particularly worrying revelation is that, according to engaged employees, 26% of them would abandon their current post even if the other employer was offering just 5% higher pay. However, that leaves 74% who wouldn’t depart if you provide salaries that are sufficiently competitive.

    Your team could wilt when punished for mistakes

    There’s no shame in making mistakes; as long as you are human, you can remain prone to blunders. However, when you do make mistakes, take the lessons out of them to prevent yourself from making those particular missteps again. Foster this appetite for learning in your team, too.

    When a member of that team makes an honest mistake, hold off punishing them; instead, nudge them towards having another go. A Impel Dynamic training course in leadership and management could help you to cut out your own mistakes as a manager.

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