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    NEEDaFIXER is one of the UK’s leading full-service film & video production companies offering their services via a network of global fixers.



    Increase in

    Organic Traffic in 12 months


    Increase in

    Organic Traffic in 24 months


    Reduction in

    Bounce Rate


    NEEDaFIXER are the largest international network of directors, producers, fixers and journalists. From filming in London to film fixers in Dubai – NEEDaFIXER serves clients globally to produce award winning films, documentaries, music videos & more.

    They’ve produced videos for the likes of Gucci, HUGO Boss, Imagine Dragons, Canaves OIA and more!

    The client approached Assertive in February 2015 looking for a solution to their SEO issues.

    Services Performed

    • Produced a Content Strategy
    • Improved User Experience
    • Produced All New Site Content


    The Challenge for NEEDaFIXER was to deliver an SEO strategy that helped to drive new business enquiries. The challenge also involved addressing website technical issues and a lack of text based content. Our objectives also involved outbound content marketing to help drive brand awareness & traffic.

    The website did not rank for anything other than a handful of long-tail keywords and brand search terms / brand variants. The website generated less than 10 visitors a day organically.


    • Fix Technical Issues on the Website
    • Use historic user data to ascertain user experience
    • Research video production / film production / fixer marketplace
    • Re-write content and implement better content accessibility
    • Produce a dynamic & adaptive SEO strategy to fit in to project timeline
    • Build links in a competitive landscape
    • Increase long-tail keyword coverage
    • Drive up keyword rankings for highly competitive terms
    • Outbound content marketing

    The Goals with Oxford
    City Council

    • Improve Organic Rankings for Valuable Keywords (Filming in, Video Production in, Film Fixers)
    • Produce new, tailored content landing pages with video
    • Increase Website Engagement
    • Increase Website Conversion Rate
    • Reduce POGOing (returning to Google)
    • Increase Volume of 1st to Last Interaction
    • Increase Enquiries
    • Increase Brand Awareness

    The Strategy

    The Strategy for NEEDaFIXER was to make the initial website fixes as quickly as possible to then move on to a specific content strategy. Our content strategy covered the research, production and marketing of relevant content to attract new traffic, new links and new brand awareness.

    Using a tailored content marketing plan, Assertive helped to leverage more on site and off site content – on site content to drive the initial ranking growth and off site content as part of a content marketing strategy.

    As we promoted content across the web, NEEDaFIXER saw strong traffic and ranking increases that have helped to generate onward growth and new business enquiries.

    Our strategy was adaptive, focusing more on what is best for the end users and then to addressing smaller technical issues.