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    SCI-MX Nutrition

    SCI-MX Nutrition is one of the UK’s leading sports nutrition & protein supplement retailer both online & in supermarkets. Backed by Science, SCI-MX offer a range of premium protein snacks, shakes, powders & supplements.

    SCI-MX Nutrition


    Increase in

    Organic Traffic


    Increase in

    Conversion Rate




    Key Achievements

    • 330% Increase in Organic Traffic (More than 4k Clicks P/D)
    • Significant user engagement increases
    • Over 100 knowledge box panels (rich snippets)
    • Over 3000 new Facebook Followers
    • Increase in Conversion Rate (65% increase)
    • 35% AOV Increase


    SCI-MX is an established protein supplements brand with products in lots of mainstream supermarkets including Tesco & Asda. The brand positions itself on high quality protein products including Protein Powers, Shakes, BCAAs etc. From exercise recovery to competition training, there’s a SCI-MX product to help anyone achieve their goal – irrespective of where they are on their fitness journey. From high quality protein powders, capsules and snack bars to ready-to-drink shakes and everyday sports clothing, SCI-MX has you covered. SCI-MX retail products in supermarkets across the UK as well as selling products online.

    Services Performed

    • SEO
    • PPC


    The challenge was to deliver an effective SEO strategy on the back of a website re-design & build along with full content rewriting, new infrastructure, significant speed improvements, SCHEMA integration and more. The challenge was to deliver an effective SEO strategy on the back of a website redesign & build along with full content rewriting.


    • Re-design the SCI-MX Website
    • Use historic user data to ascertain user experience
    • Extensive user interface and user experience
    • Re-write content and implement better content accessibility
    • Produce a dynamic & adaptive SEO strategy
    • Build links in a competitive landscape
    • Increase long-tail keyword coverage
    • Drive up keyword rankings for highly competitive terms

    The Goals

    • Improve Organic Rankings for Relative Keywords around Product Based / Research based searches
    • Increase Website Engagement
    • Increase Website Conversion Rate
    • Reduce POGOing (returning to Google)
    • Increase Volume of 1st to Last Interaction
    • Reduce Checkout Abandonment
    • Increase Revenue
    • Increase Brand Awareness

    The Strategy

    The strategy for Assertive was to fully revamp the SCI-MX website, making it faster, easier to use, more intuitive & better for an end to end customer experience. The website was re-designed, making it perform much better organically.

    We reverse engineered a number of supplement websites to assess the most effective route forward to compete in a highly competitive space. This includes significantly more weighted product pages, better product filtering at category level, high quality content, internal linking, taking full advantage of SCHEMA / rich snippet data & more.

    The strategy then became content and link based – building out a plethora of pillar and research pages around protein supplements, diets, healthy eating, training regimes and more.

    We were able to substantially increase long-tail traffic and query coverage for SCI-MX which increased rankings and ultimately product sales through the website.

    Client Testimonials

    What our clients say about the service we deliver.

    We’ve enjoyed working with Assertive, they’ve been extremely supportive and very good at delivering content, links and technical improvements. They owned the content strategy and provided support in other areas where it was required.

    Gemma Peakman

    Head of Digital @ SCI-MX