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    SQS are a large global organisation dealing with everything from IT service management through to road infrastructure services.


    Key Achievements

    • Delivered an SEO Audit to help identify all existing site issues as well as a landing page to query intent map
    • Provided a forward planned SEO strategy for 12 months
    • Implementation & Issue Resolutions helped to increase organic traffic by over 28%


    SQS are a large global organisation dealing with everything from IT service management through to road infrastructure services. SQS software solutions are an arm of the top level SQS Group.

    Services Performed

    • SEO
    • SEO Auditing


    The challenge was to help SQS resolve issues with their organic strategy and to identify various aspects of why the website didn’t rank as prominently as it should have given the establishment & accompanying domain authority.

    We were tasked with conducting a full SEO audit that took into consideration a wide plethora of things including cannibalisation, geo location issues, landing page query to intent misalignment, internal linking, content NLP coverage & more.

    We were brought in to provide an audit and guidance to help them internally resolve SEO issues and to ensure better technical compliance. We also produced a 12 month SEO strategy to help internal teams better plan for tasks that would help contribute towards onward position increases.

    The Goals with SQS

    • Business scope and target customer analysis
    • Existing SEO review including segmented search console data analysis
    • Produce a comprehensive SEO audit highlighting all technical issues
    • Produce a SEO strategy for the following 12 months
    • Provide consultancy on implementation and position changes

    The Strategy

    The strategy was based on the audit – predominantly to find all of the technical, on site and off site issues that meant rankings weren’t as prominent or index stability issues. The strategy incorporated a detailed audit of search console data, segmenting out clear issues with thin content, weak pages, volatile average positions, thin query coverage and more.

    Identifying all of the gaps from an on site and off site perspective allowed us to put together a comprehensive audit – but, also to guide SQS so that their SEO would better work for them in international markets.

    As we weren’t directly involved with the SEO (managed in house) we played a supportive role to help SQS fix, implement and improve on their organic positions.

    We dealt with localisation and international variants of the domains.

    The strategy was to identify all SEO issues, then to categorise them by priority (potential ranking impact).

    Client Testimonials

    What our clients say about the service we deliver.

    We worked with Assertive on an SEO audit and some SEO consultancy – they were really knowledgeable and helped us internally to address a lot of longstanding issues. We found them really responsive and able to support our in house resource – I would highly recommend

    Elke Bretz