Sales Training Courses

Sales Training Courses

Equip your team with the skills they need to succeed and future proof your business.

Get immediate benefits from Impel Dynamic’s unrivalled sales training courses.

In a one- or two-day interactive workshop, you’ll gain skills and refine existing competencies, alongside like-minded business peers, from various industries and experiences.

You’ll increase your confidence and value to the marketplace, with the ability to close more sales.

Our Open Sales Training Courses in the UK are available, for individuals or groups of people, in most major UK cities,
including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

What you can achieve with us

  • Grow your client base – improved sales skills mean more sales (it really is that simple)
  • Increase ROI – salespeople can be expensive: better performance brings a higher ROI for training
  • Develop greater confidence – get your sales force motivated and ready to fire on all cylinders
  • ​Improve relevance – your salespeople learn only the practical skills they need

Style Of Our Sales Training Course

At Impel Dynamic, we don’t just ‘chalk and talk’.

Endless hours of lecturing in front of a board is a one-way conversation, and people don’t learn that way. We make sure the experience is interactive as possible because that’s the way people learn new skills- by engaging and doing.

Impel Dynamic ensures workshops are collaborative, relevant, self-paced and most importantly, rewarding. Familiar and unfamiliar themes can be learned through:

  • Individual and team learning exercises
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Games
  • Group Presentations
  • Filmed and Recorded Simulations/Role Plays
  • Case Studies
  • Individual Coaching


We wholly believe in learning by application, meaning delegates will gain the most insight when they are back in their roles. Impel Dynamic’s Open Sales Training Courses equips these salespeople with new skills and tools, practised to ensure improved results from the get-go.

You can rely on our Sales Courses and experts to deliver solutions specific to your unique needs.

Our open sales training courses

We offer a variety of impactful sales training courses grounded in best practice and state of the art thought leadership. Whether you / your team is new to selling, would like to brush up on vital skills or are / is looking to elevate to best-in-class, Impel Dynamic has can help deliver against your most critical objective- driving increased sales.

Our sales training experts deliver engaging, interactive courses that provide learners a chance to develop their skills in a practical environment that focuses on developing greater confidence. Critically, our learners get the opportunity not only to learn from us, but to share the experience with sellers from other organisations.

Choosing between foundational or advanced sales training, your team will learn how to:

  • Understand and use the psychology of selling
  • Become effective negotiators
  • Identify and overcome key barriers that might impact a potential sale
  • Increase close rates by becoming a trusted advisor
  • Enhance the customer experience to develop long term partnerships with key clients

We also offer a more specialised telesales course, designed to help your team to structure telephone calls appropriately, connect with potential leads and up-sell products/services to increase sales.

Our Open Sales Training Courses in the UK are available in most major UK cities, including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Upskill and reskill your existing talent base

In a time where hiring new talent is a great expense for organisations, it is crucial to invest in your workforce to ensure they are enabled to deliver great results- thus increasing retention.

As the market constantly evolves there are increased demands on employees to gain new skills- investment in the development of these skills develops employees into a resilient force that can help you stand out from the competition. There’s resounding evidence to illustrate that organisations that place an emphasis on the personal development of employees achieve higher results and reduced employee attrition.

Our proven methodolody focuses on building the right skills and behaviours to meet your organisational goals as well as upskilling individuals to grow relationships, improve the customer experience and replicate winning behaviours.

Why upskilling and training is essential in today’s business environment

It’s simply not enough for people to cram education in at the start of their careers and then never learn new skills again. Indeed, as our working lives are becoming longer and people change jobs and career fields more frequently, education must continue so that we can acquire new skills to keep pace with our changing interests as well as the changes to our environment.

While this need for continuous upskilling and training has increased with our culture of technology and innovation, the rates of on-the-job training have actually fallen in the past two decades in Britain.

Cultivating a culture of learning

The most practical solution is for companies and organisations to enable and encourage their workers to learn, by supporting a culture of knowledge-sharing and mentorships, and by allocating their budgets to support tuition or course costs. By investing in their talent, companies will reap the rewards by developing people who can contribute strategically, adapt to ongoing changes, and think outside the box.

Adopting a culture of learning requires a shift in mindset, starting from the top and trickling down through to the HR department. By making on-the-job training accessible and worthwhile, employees across all industries and positions can all participate in lifelong learning to further their careers and improve organisational efficiency.

Let’s talk about Skills transformation

Even the best and most seasoned sales professionals must continue to learn. Business is evolving every day and you don’t want your best and brightest to fall behind.

Turn your eager, high achievers into sales stars. At Impel Dynamic we specialise in sales techniques for the digital age. Make sure your sales team doesn’t get left behind.

Sales rarely happen without a plan. The best salespeople know this. They know they need to have a defined strategy, set goals, and prepare in advance. They also know that they need to keep on learning and embrace new knowledge and advanced selling skills.

Future proof your business

With the COVID-19 pandemic life changed and so did business. Businesses have realised they need to stay agile and keep up with the ever-changing business landscape. Keeping your business agile means keeping your team agile. So why not keep your seasoned sales team up to date and give them advanced sales skills.

To keep up, virtually every sales organisation needs to transform in some way – whether it’s in their go-to-market strategy, the way their team is structured, their people, sales process, their technology or getting the right training.

Over 25 years of experience in sales training for organisations of all types means we can help you with:

  • Selling skills e.g. opportunity creation, objection handling, closing, etc.
  • Soft selling e.g. networking, building rapport, presenting solutions
  • The psychology of selling
  • ​B2B sales and B2C sales
  • ​Negotiating skills
  • ​Exhibition selling
  • ​Retail selling (including upselling and cross-selling)
  • ​Telesales courses (both inbound and outbound sales)
  • ​Key account management
  • ​Presentation skills


Who are we?

Impel Dynamic is a team of experienced consultants with a track record of accelerating results through actionable and positive changes to sales practices. Our success is founded in introducing and developing better sales practices and developing sales cultures that enhance your numbers.

Over the past 25 years, our consultants have occupied high-level sales and leadership roles and worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes: from large blue-chip conglomerates to SMEs—both here in Europe and further afield in Australia, North America and the Middle East.


We train and coach sales teams to:

  • Win more business by improving sales skills
  • Retain more business by improving account management skills
  • Grow business by developing relationships and selling deeper and wider

We provide all the tools needed to cultivate sales teams that are equipped to improve new business and business development results.

We don’t just bring “best practice” sales protocols but help you to identify the “next practice” by remaining abreast of trends, developments, market changes, and future opportunities.


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What can you expect from us?

Working with Impel Dynamic assures you of:

  • Thought provoking and relevant case studies and content
  • Highly interactive and enjoyable courses- we consistently achieve market leading feedback with our clients have sharing satisfaction scores of 98%+
  • A focus on future proofing with our courses evolving to reflect the changing nature of sales engagements
  • ​A collaborative approach—with dedicated consultants who can become trusted partners in your business
  • ​Clear action plans that you can see from the beginning and track progress towards

Our 3 step strategy to better sales performance


Research & Programme Construction

Ahead of your Open Sales Course with Impel Dynamic, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete.

Our pre-training review questionnaire enables our experts to customise the course content.

By ensuring every delegate contributes to the course preparation, we can maximise the learning opportunity and enable each delegate to walk away feeling the time spent was worthwhile.



Practical Learning

This may include group workshops or individual training sessions in person or virtually delivered: all within a suitable timeframe and using a combination of highly practical learning methods.



Optional Implementation & Follow-Up

There is an optional post-training review available to ensure maximum success.

Following the training, Impel Dynamic schedules a visit to your workplace (usually within 4-8 weeks of your course) to hold an in-depth post-implementation review, recorded
simulation and identify potential areas for further one-to-one coaching.



Still undecided?

92% Percent of our clients report a positive ROI after training

99% of our clients say they would recommend us

95% of managers see a positive change in behaviour

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve supported many clients with sales, leadership and business development training. Our bespoke approach to course development and execution means we’ve helped our clients see staggering growth and success.

We’re proud of our 92% ROI success rate and attribute it fully to our dedicated team and approach to modern selling techniques. Our clients include Bupa, Northampton Borough Council and Lyle & Scott, and 99% recommend us.


Need something more tailored?

Our inhouse training process

We collaborate with you to design and deliver sales training classes that meet your objectives and give your team industry-relevant skills. Our three-step process guarantees you and your team benefit from a fully bespoke approach.

From the initial consultation to monitoring progress, we dedicate ourselves 100% to helping you exceed your goals.

Consult, research, build

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and talk about how our training programmes can turn the average employee into a sales leader. Once we have an idea about how your company operates, we’ll observe your sales team as a whole – and individually.

You’ll also receive a business health check, with focus group workshops, which provides the foundations for us to build a personalised programme.

The interactive learning experience

Our interactive learning experience allows your team to learn in the best way for them. We facilitate simulations, team-building exercises, group sales presentations, case studies and individual coaching.

While in-person workshops offer more flexibility, our virtual courses combine all learning styles and guarantee that your team will remain engaged throughout the experience.

Monitor and follow-up

When we become your training provider, the learning experience doesn’t stop when the training ends. Our consultants work with your sales management team to outline key objectives and performance indicators so we – and you – can measure how effective the training experience is.

Are you ready to finally get the sales results you want to see?

Our value proposition is simple; we create and deliver sales training that goes above and beyond a general learning experience. With our many years of experience and commitment to providing fully bespoke courses, our courses ensure that anyone in a sales role can learn vital skills to enhance the selling process.

If you’d like to discuss how our sales training courses facilitate professional development and enhance your teams understanding of the customer buying process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free quote.

We look forward to working with you.

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We Can Come To YOU

Do you have more than three participants interested in a Sales Training course? Perhaps you want to upskill a whole department? Then let us come to you.

Consider a cost-effective tailored Sales development programme, unique to your business.

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