Sales Training Courses

Sales Training Courses

Get immediate benefits from Impel Dynamic’s unrivalled sales training courses.

In a one- or two-day interactive workshop, you’ll gain skills and refine existing competencies, alongside like-minded business peers, from various industries and experiences.

You’ll increase your confidence and value to the marketplace, with the ability to close more sales.

Our Open Sales Training Courses in the UK are available, for individuals or groups of people, in most major UK cities,
including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Style Of Our Sales Training Course

At Impel Dynamic, we don’t do ‘chalk and talk’—endless hours of lecturing in front of a board. People learn best when they’re relaxed.

Impel Dynamic ensures workshops are interactive, relevant and most importantly, rewarding. Familiar and unfamiliar themes can be learned through:

Individual and team learning exercises
Problem Solving
Business Games
Group Presentations
Filmed and Recorded Simulations/Role Plays
Case Studies
Individual Coaching

We wholly believe in learning by application, meaning delegates will gain the most insight back in the office. Impel Dynamic’s Open Sales Training Course equips these talented individuals with new skills and tools, practised to ensure improved results from the get-go.

You can rely on our Sales Training Courses and experts to deliver solutions specific to your personal needs!


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Consider a cost-effective tailored Sales development programme, unique to your business.

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