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    5 Ways to Boost Your Sales Success

    March 23, 2020

    Your company’s success doesn’t arise from making products or services; it comes from selling them.

    Mike Kappel, who founded and leads the company Patriot Software, has written a Forbes article where he recalls these words from his father, also a business founder and owner: “Anybody can build anything. But, if you can’t sell it, none of it matters at all.”

    So, how can you power up your company’s sales success – and, therefore, its overall success? Here are some worthwhile ideas which you might not have previously considered.

    Give your thriving sales leaders coaching responsibilities

    Looking over your sales team, you might be able to pick out sales leaders who seem to particularly excel. In that case, it would be a good idea to investigate how they could coach other members of your sales group. This advice can help you richly benefit both the leaders and their protégés.

    While it is naturally a good way of spreading sales knowhow through the group, the leaders will also enjoy being recognised for fulfilling this responsibility, Inc.points out.

    Give your team’s morale a boost

    Such historical figures as Winston Churchill and Napoleon wouldn’t have overseen spectacular military victories if they were unable to inspire morale in their troops. In sales, too, workers high in morale can readily outperform others whose morale flounders.

    To improve your own team’s morale, you should show trustworthiness by routinely keeping your word. You should also indicate – with both words and actions – that you care for your team’s welfare.

    Cultivate a team environment

    Even if you have what is technically a team, you can’t expect its workers to perform at their full potential if they don’t truly act like a team. Creating a team environment will encourage your sales workers to adopt more time-efficient practices.

    To create that environment, you should avoid favouritism but still recognise teamwork – for example, by regularly presenting an award to a worker voted the best team performer.

    Engage in up-selling and cross-selling

    Perhaps someone bought a guitar from your firm a few years ago; they could be up-sold to a newer, better and pricier guitar. Furthermore,you could cross-sell by offering the customer relevant accessories – like strings, a tuner and a case – to go with that guitar.

    When you consider that, as Entrepreneur reports, up-selling and cross-selling account for 35% of Amazon’s entire revenue, it’s clear why you should prioritise both practices.

    Measure the effectiveness of different sales techniques

    Crucial to improving your sales results is knowing which of your efforts are most driving them. If there has been a sudden flock of visitors to your website, what has caused this? Your referral scheme? Pay-per-click advertisements? Blog articles? You can’t be certain until you look closer.

    You might actually deem looking closer an expensive endeavour; however, you can stay within your firm’s time and funds if you study just the marketing activities in which you most invest. You could also utilise our sales training courses to improve your sales knowledge yet further.