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    How to Put Into Action All That You’ve Learned in Your Sales Training

    April 23, 2020

    You shouldn’t expect sales training to be effectively a machine through which you can funnel yourself and from which you will emerge a magically better salesperson. It would be wiser to call sales training just one cog in what should ultimately be a larger and much more complex machine.

    In short, it’s not just what sales training teaches that matters; it’s also how that knowhow is practically applied. Here are ways you can more effectively put fruits of sales training into action.

    Study your current sales skills

    When being prepared for a new campaign or responsibility, you might too readily be inundated with excessive information. However, you shouldn’t expect to be able to quickly absorb everything that, in a short space of time, you are told about new products, services, features and other matters.

    Therefore, as this Forbes article advises, don’t neglect to investigate various parts of a sales strategy – including discovery, qualifying and product knowledge – in search of genuine problems.

    Treat issues that you diagnose

    If your diagnosis does uncover problems, you should – of course – tackle them. Do this at the preparatory stage rather than actually during a campaign.

    Whether you decide that the best way of tackling the problem would be adding to your skill set, trimming the sales cycle or making each deal more valuable, sales training could help. We offer various courses; which of them you should select will be influenced by what issue you wish to tackle.

    Follow through with development initiatives

    Naturally, whatever lessons you pick up during sales training, you – as an individual sales professional – would have the responsibility of acting on those lessons.

    However, if you manage a sales team, you would also need to coach and refine processes that your sales staff develop. However competent your staff might be, they still require an inspirational leader to guide them – just as the British army relied on Winston Churchill’s leadership during the war.

    See how and where results improve

    Have you taken the actions recommended in this article? If so, you might see sales rising – and, thus, vindicating your diagnosis and treatment – or still floundering. The latter case would indicate other failings that had escaped your notice during the diagnosis stage.

    Take heart that, in this instance, you would have still filled a gap somewhere and so can now turn your attention to filling another. In doing so, you might decide to again join a sales training course on offer from us at Impel Dynamic. It’s all part of the long-term development of your sales technique.

    Combine sales and customer service

    These days, the onus should be on attracting, rather than making, sales – and you can do that by strengthening the customer service element of your sales team, as Inc. advises. By enlightening and educating customers, you would be effectively pitching to them, too.

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